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Rose Cut Moss Agate Mini

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This Piece Found a Homebody

This Rose Cut Moss Agate Mini is designed to make a statement. The rose cut agate is encased in oxidized, hammered and polished solid copper with copper beading. Perfectly proportioned for everyday wear, this piece of jewelry is sure to stand the test of time.

Dimensions: 30.4mm (1.19") x 18.1mm (0.71")

Chakras: Heart, Root

Healing properties: A stone of stability, making it effective for those who experience frequent mood swings. Believed to help correct imbalances between the left and right side of the brain. Has strong grounding energies due to its deep connection to Earth. Stone of new beginnings.

 Affirmation: "I draw upon the energy of Mother Earth to heal."

Chain and cord necklaces are available in my shop here. This piece arrives ready to give in gift box with a polishing cloth.

Handcrafted in California

Photos/videos taken in natural light in & outdoors