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Charoite in Copper mini Pendant

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Beautiful little high quality chatoyant Charoite that's loved in hammered, oxidized and polished solid copper. Great mini size for everyday wear. 

Dimensions: 27.2mm (1.07") x 17.5mm (0.68")

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown

Healing properties: Opens the mind to new ideas and perspectives, and assists one in coping with change at a spiritual level. Stimulates psychic and mystical visions, and enhances spiritual insight and intuition. Promotes deep self-reflection and encourages one to follow the path of their soul's calling.

Affirmation: "I open my mind to new ideas and possibilities."

Chain and cord necklaces are available in my shop here. This piece arrives ready to give in gift box with a polishing cloth.

Handcrafted in California

Photos/videos taken in natural light in & outdoors