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African Tabu Tabu Fist Talisman

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This Piece Found a Homebody

Unleash the power of the African Tabu Tabu Fist Talisman! Made with a rare jasper stone, intricately woven and hammered copper, and stunning beading, this talisman exudes a regal aura. Its open heart fist symbolizes strength and passion. Elevate your look and feel inspired by its unique beauty.

African Tabu Tabu Jasper (also know as forest fire jasper) is a stone of patience and gentleness. It's energizing, grounding, and assist in balancing all chakra's.

Dimensions: 58.9mm (2.32") x 45.3mm (1.78")

Chain and cord necklaces are available in my shop here.

This piece arrives ready to give in gift box with a polishing cloth.

Handcrafted in California

Photos/videos taken in natural light in & outdoors